Duta-Tropika-Master-Bedroom Duta Tropika, Sri Hartamas

Duta Tropika - Master Bathroom

“Five years of working and living in the UK and Malaysia had made me realized that making design artful is akin to making life eventful. Therefore, blending art into a tropical setting is what I have in mind for this design.” Derived from an affinity with the tropics, inspired by nature and influenced by art, the concept that strengthens the relevance between lifestyle and interior design is indeed though provoking.

Brick, wood and stone are the fundamentals of the design, so are they aptest expressions of the tropical elements. They show you the untold meaning of home – a passion for life – your wish to savour the precious leisurely moments in life is hereby granted. Take a look around, you will soon stumble upon the art pieces blended impeccably into the design in those little corners. Their artistics halos cast unique charm through the home, and into your lifestyle.

The blissful acquaintance between art and life, the beautiful marriage between nature and tropics are best exemplified here.

From art to nature, their combination and co-existence shown are beckon

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